Never Without Love

My book Never Without Love will be published by Innana Publications in spring of 2019.

My original story recounts how I learned to overcome a lifetime of self-imposed repression. It is about the nature of beauty and the determination of our humanness, to find our essence and learn to live happily regardless of where we live or what obstacles we face. To ultimately find our personal mantra to live happily while despair lurks nearby.

The tale is about an Iranian born woman – formed by flame, tradition, war, and revolution-whose beauty and romantic spirit could not be suppressed.

Each chapter of the book is a memory and an experience.

It has aspects of fun; growing up with Baba; my sensitive, and artistic father and a large family of characters that span a century. There is Persian passion, food, Sufi poetry and my love of dance. There is drama around my fearless mother who fought for women and social change in the face of two very different but equally repressive political regimes.

And it has elements of sorrow; my struggle with being burned as a child, being effectively forced from Iran when I married and dealing with a sexual assault that my family wanted to hide, but I did not. 

It is not a horrifying story, but one that contains both vivid life and profound anguish. It is about hiding our imperfections. And about lifting the veil; delving into taboo topics of sexual, religious and cultural conflicts that colored Iran dark in the seventies and eighties.

I take my readers through a labyrinth of being guided by many spiritual teachers including my Sufi great aunt and the Sufi love poets, Hafiz and Rumi. At the centre of the labyrinth, I find the peace I have sought. As I make my way back to the beginning, I hope my story inspires readers to rise again and again. I know that it is only in the darkness that we can see bright stars!

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My second book The Namaste Way will be published by Innana Publications in fall of 2020.

The Namaste Way is a collection of short stories that takes the readers deep into the heartbreak and loss of identity suffered by the protagonist of each story, the situation many women find themselves in when they fall.
Readers ascend towards the light once the protagonists break out of the shells that have been imprisoning them and set out in search of finding their own inner pearls.

Join me on this journey to manifest Love, & Compassion…