I highly recommend the following book that has been written by my amazing editor.

Spiraling Self-Awareness: Personal Mission Revealed in 27 Days through Pythagorean Numerology’s Partnership with the 9-Chakra System by Nina Shoroplova, ISBN-978-0-9953129-3-7, first edition ebook, Wrasma Marketing.

Spiraling Self-Awareness will grow readers’ awareness of their uniqueness through twenty-seven days of simple exercises. Journaling their progress will reveal their passion and the mission through which they will express that passion.

Self-awareness is an essential tool to increase our success in the world. Self-awareness is a simple tool to employ—through intention, it can grow every day. Self-awareness allows us to live fuller, more abundant, and more rewarding lives. Spiraling Self-Awareness uses the wisdom that comes to us through the resonance of partnering the nine-chakra system with Pythagorean Numerology. This ebook also includes material about several Major Arcana cards in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Word etymology brings more light to bear on the journey.

What follows is an excerpt from Nina’s ebook.

“At the second spiral, we have the power to influence our environment in a bigger way as our unique self. Even though we are each an essential part of the entire energy that lives, we are unique. We are equal in value and unique in quality. While you have the desire and energy to construct a condominium, I have the desire and energy to write a book. While you long to grow vegetables for market, I long to sing an aria written by Puccini. Where you see beauty in the frailty of a meadow flower, I see beauty in waves crashing and rising against a rocky shoreline. Where you smell new potential within the earthy heat of decomposing vegetation, others see the buzzing bees and the bothersome mosquitoes.

“We come to Earth with different missions, some of which support each other’s mission, some of which ignore each other’s mission, some of which clash with each other’s mission. Where one person might have a mission to bring opposing forces together, another person might have a mission to strengthen the country along its home front. We are each here to do our part as wholly, as fully as we can. We are here neither to judge each other nor to judge our mission. My mission is no less and no more necessary than yours. Yours is no less and no more than mine.

“We are each here playing our own game. I am playing tiddlywinks while you are playing mountain climbing. I am playing photography while you are playing car design.

“Because our soul is alive in a human body, we can get caught up in conflict, competition, struggle, and fight. Our soul has a need to complete its mission in this life or the next or the one after that. Our human body has a different need: to stay alive as long as possible, against all odds, and to procreate. Can you see where these different needs might separate us and confuse us and seek to have us conform with social norms? It’s easy to ignore our soul self and just attend to human needs, but our soul will not be ignored forever. At some point, your uniqueness will call to you to break out of society’s mold and do your own, unique thing and that thing will be linked with your mission.”


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