Manifest Inner Love & Beauty

Mehrnaz and Dawn Dancing Otter together have walked different paths of similar medicine.

As teachers, we bring compassion that is borne of healing deep wounds.

Within this deep self healing workshop, we will be guiding women to uncover and work through woundings and traumas from negative self image and self esteem by moving into the quantum field, calling back our power, releasing old core beliefs , and manifesting new intentions.

Date:  June 8

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM


Early Bird before, June 2 : $55

Regular Price: $62

Place: Naramata Centre, 3375-3rd Street, Naramata

About Facilitators:

Dawn Dancing Otter (DDO) is an international teacher of Shamanic Arts. She has been facilitating healing, movement, artistic expression, personal empowerment, community collaboration, ceremony, and sacred education for 25 years.

Mehrnaz Massoudi, B.Sc. & certified EFT Practitioner

Our ancient yearnings for deep love and peace are best satisfied by ancient practices of the hands and heart. Using Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, or Tapping, Meditation, and Matrix Reimprinting EFT Mehrnaz gently guides seekers towards new levels of self love and inner tranquility.

This workshop is scent free.

Payment Options:

1- Email Money Transfer to

2- Pay directly to Dawn Dancing Otter