Tap into the Vast Space of Creativity

Managing Stress with Mehrnaz gives writers tools to enhance creativity and improve productivity.

Not every author can spend a year’s sabbatical by the Mediterranean while writing their manuscript! Day-to-day stress – not to mention deadlines – can affect creative performance by triggering limiting beliefs and patterns.  But creating a space of emotional freedom can manage or mitigate those beliefs and patterns so we can tap into our creative essence.


Based on more than a decade’s research and application through one-on-one coaching with clients and in workshops, this 50-minute session will focus on stress-management techniques that include Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – or “tapping”), breath work and visualization. By the end of the workshop participants will have learned pragmatic and effective tools to help them access creativity and improve productivity.

Date: September 24, 2022

Tickets are available at  Wine Country Writers’ Festival

Never Without Love, a Journey to Persia

“Thompson-Nicola Regional Library and the Kamloops Society for the Written Arts welcome Mehrnaz Massoudi, the author of Never without Love (2019). The book is about a journey of a girl born in Iran who left war-torn motherland and eventually become a successful woman in Canada.”

Date: January 21, 2021

Time: 6:30 PM

YouTube Link to my reading and Q & A 

Date with Your Essence

A Day Retreat with Mehrnaz and Sanaz

Saturday, February 15th
10:30am – 3:00pm

Have you ever wondered how you would feel and what you would be doing if you created your own destiny?

Doesn’t matter where you are in your life now, but the moment you align with your essence you will be weaving your own destiny.

If it is more fulfillment, more passion or more happiness that you are craving, join us at Date With Your Essence to experience the freedom and the ecstasy when you push away all the barriers between you and your essence.


A heart opening yoga, gentle flow with Sanaz

Finding your own path to Your Essence with Mehrnaz

Lunch (not provided)

Journaling (a sacred conversation between you and your true essence) with Sanaz

Creating your own destiny with Mehrnaz

Rejuvenating restorative yoga and pampering with hot essential oil infused towelettes with Sanaz


Mehrnaz Massoudi, B.Sc., Author, and Emotional Healing Coach and Sanaz Busink, RYT

$85 ($75 early bird pricing before February 10th)


Love Now

Love is not a choice.

Love is Urgent.

Find a path that leads to Love NOW.

When you need to get direction from A to B; you type the exact address of A and B in a Google Map. In life, A is your Life-Today and B is your Dreams.

If the direction from your Life-Today is not pointing you towards your Dreams then you may feel discontent, uninspired, and lost.

And the only reason you’re not on the right path heading towards your Dreams is that your Life-Today is not aligned with your essence.

Ego mind separates us from our essence!

Love is opposite of Ego!!

★ I have learnt that we do NOT need to sit on meditation cushion every day for 30 minutes or more to tame our ego mind.

★ I have learnt that we do NOT need to read every self-help books about what is our Ego mind. 

But what I have learnt is that I constantly must adjust the address of my A, Life-Today, to NOW! Because when I don’t, I find myself anywhere but in the NOW.

Join me at Love NOW workshop to learn practical tools and techniques to allow Universal Energy to guide your essence to your Dreams.


Location: Starlit Yoga Studio

102, 100 Nanaimo Ave E, Penticton, BC

$25  Early Bird Discount ends on November 14

$40  When you register for 2 people-this discount ends on November 14

$35  Regular

Purchase Ticket Eventbrite

This workshop is scent free.

No refund is available. However, if you are not able to attend the workshop due to illness or family emergency, then you will get a credit for an upcoming workshop with Mehrnaz Massoudi.