The Namaste Way

The Namasté Way is a collection of short stories written in journal style.

Three of these stories reach into the hearts of grieving mothers and expose the darkest places a woman can go when faced with the loss of her child. Mehrnaz takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotion as the women make their way through grieving in to a place of refuge; a place without blame or regret, it is only there that they feel the soul of their loss children. No-one, no-thing can take that away from them-that space is theirs for eternity.

In one of the stories “Grateful for Liam Cards” as Rachel, Liam’s mom, is writing down her most joyful memories she discovers an unlikely guru in her rebellious disappeared son and a pathway to living with emotional authenticity after decades of suppression, depression and disorders.

Kathryn calls you my catalyst.  She say’s you turn my grape juice into wine. She has encouraged me to surround myself with friends who listen and empathize and don’t try to fix me or solve my problems or bore me with their pop psychology. I call it SBS…Spiritual Bypass Shit. I feel like I am finally acting like my true authentic self. So, I choose you as my friend. My son. My empathe friend who I can share this heartbreak with.”

In Kenzy’s Mermaids story, Emily finds solace from guilt and the excruciating experience of witnessing her eight-year-old daughter undergoing chemotherapy by diving into the deep end of a swimming pool. I dove in to the deep end and sat on the bottom until every atom of oxygen left my lungs. And when I ascended there were no thoughts in my head.  For the first time in weeks my mind was focused on just one thing-breathing.”

In the next three stories, readers take a deep dive into the heartbreak and the loss of identity with the protagonists, where many women find themselves after break ups. Readers ascend towards light once the protagonists break away their shells that they’ve been prisoned in, in search of finding their own inner pearls. The shell of body image, the gender rolls that society has dictated for women, and materialism. The light is the reflection of the pearl that’s been there all along.

The final three stories are about surrendering to cancer, caring for aging parent, and losing a best friend to suicide.

The Namaste Way will be published by Inanna Publications in Fall 2023!