What do you do when you have an ice cream cone in your hand?

You eat it and you make sure it does not melt because if it does then it’s messy.


What do you do with your precious life, today…NOW?



Are you waiting for:


– Meeting the right partner so you can go camping, hiking, and travelling with him/her?


– Paying down your mortgage before you go on that trip that you dream of?


– Losing 20 pounds before you go to Hawaii, because you are worried how you look in a bathing suit?


– Going to a yoga class when your life slows down?


– Meditating when your house is less busy, or you moving to a bigger house so you can have a room for meditation?


Don’t wait for the perfect time to do what you desire.

Eat life like it’s ice cream. Eat it now before it starts melting.



Mehrnaz Massoudi