Mehrnaz Massoudi

Author and Emotional Healing Coach

“I am so grateful to have gone through this program with Mehrnaz. Not only did I work my way through some pretty heavy stuff, I now have an amazing tool I can use daily to rid myself of energy that does not serve me. 
Thank you my friend, Mehrnaz.”  Connie Oickle

“Thanks Mehrnaz for helping me to unlock the treasure chest that is me and reconnect with the jewels I already had, so precious!”  Wildflower

“Mehrnaz creates a safe environment to explore parts of oneself that are hurt and damaged and need nurturing and repairing.”  N.F.

“I attended the recent pain management workshop. Mehrnaz created a safe, welcoming environment. She delivered the information in a way that was easy to understand, and I appreciated the opportunities to practice. I left with a tool that I’m very hopeful about in dealing with my chronic pain.” T.M.

“I was very pleased with my feelings after the ‘Pain Management’ workshop with Mehrnaz. So many of the words spoken resonated with me deeply and helped to solidify that pain can be very   multi faceted. I gained more understanding that there are many ways other than traditional methods to help deal with and manage everyday pain. The small group added to the feeling of safety that also helped myself release tension and pain. This workshop was very casual, giving, caring and a great experience. Thanks to all I met there.” K.P.

“Best Workshop I have ever taken ❤️ my heart is free to live life! Thank you Mehrnaz”  J.S.

“I recently had the pleasure of participating in a workshop with Mehrnaz, learning about EFT and tapping. Because of her essence,  experiences in life, and the energy she helped each participant to be in touch with..I was reminded of the healing power of this technique.I will continue my journey, using this tool, and will look forward to (hopefully soon), another workshop, or session with her. Continued blessings to you, Mehrnaz.”  K.S.

“I had such an incredible experience while attending the tapping workshop. Learning a tool such as tapping to help with all aspects of life is such a rewarding bonus.”  J.F.

I wanted to lose weight…and boy, did I need to lose weight!…Medically, I was in the ‘obese’ category. I tried different food, weight, and exercise programs. I counted calories. I weighed my food. I also went to different gyms, and then I would come home hungry. I also went to dieticians, nutritionists, weight consultants, physiotherapists, and fitness experts.

Although I lost some weight, I was missing the JOY and HAPPINESS of everyday life…eating food without the worry of it coming back, eating or drinking something out of my ‘program’ and then wondering how and when I would be back ‘on track.’

My new way of life, working with Mehrnaz, means that I no longer measure the amount of food I eat. I eat until I am full, and I ENJOY what is on my plate. If I am going to put something into my body, I want it to be REALLY good savoury food. I choose exercise that makes me happy. I am losing weight, keeping the weight off, and doing LESS overall exercise.

The difference? Working with Mehrnaz means looking at my overall programming in a more holistic and interconnected way. Simply put, this has changed my life. Peg Sargeant