May my life be as authentic as a tree…

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Love | 2 comments

When a tree is growing from the seed, its only purpose is to grow and thrive.

Once it becomes a big tree then it will serve the neighbouring environment by spreading its seeds, providing shade and shelter, and becoming part of all beings.

When autumn comes this tree loses its leaves and humbly accepts the nature of letting go of its leaves.

This tree is not worried about where to spread its seeds. It just trusts the wind.

This tree is not concerned about why and where the leaves are falling. It trusts the cycle of universe, and the gravity.

This tree is not worried about to whom it’s providing shade and shelter. Just trusts those who need the shade and shelter will come to it.

The main purpose of this tree is to grow and thrive by being truly nourished, leaning towards the sun to get more light, and growing deeper roots for balance and stability.

How do you:

– Truly nourish yourself?

– Bring in more light?

– Grow deeper roots for creating balance in your life?

– Let go of your story?

– Surrender to NOW?