About Mehrnaz

In November 2000, I had a great life. I had just turned 41, I had a partner and 2 beautiful girls, and I was enjoying my role as a stay-home mom, on hiatus from a successful career as a cancer research scientist. I was also diagnosed with breast cancer. As a scientist, my first response was to research breast cancer treatments and their outcomes; little did I know that my journey of education and active involvement in my health had only just started.

Neither chemotherapy, nor a radical mastectomy addressed the fear and vulnerability I felt for my future. I love life and I am crazy about my daughters, I wanted to take a more active role in my own recovery. I decided to explore complementary and alternative medicine to address my wellbeing. I tried it all – 2 years of naturopath treatment and numerous supplements; a dairy and wheat-free diet, a focus on exercise; and  through yoga and meditation, I discovered that what I eat is secondary to how I manage stress.

I learned that cancer left many emotional scars that I needed to heal. I looked for ways to address my fear and anxiety that the illness would return. I discovered meditation that helped calm my worries, and yoga that aligned my mind and body. I was also introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping, tool to help me recognize the root of my worrying thoughts and address them so that I no longer need to carry them with me.  I was so inspired by this simple and very effective tool that I continued my training to become an EFT practitioner, so that I can teach others to use it in your daily life.

The knowledge that I acquired during this journey was not taught during my university education and it was beyond the scope of my laboratory work as a research scientist. What I came to understand is that every one of us is here for a purpose and we only find happiness when we are aligned with our purpose and true essence.

I also learnt that once I chose not to be the victim of ‘the hand I was dealt’ I became a warrior of transformation and manifestation!!

English is my second language and I had no training in writing a book when I wrote my memoir ‘Never Without Love’. Against all odds, ‘Never Without Love’ was published in 2019. Writing and publishing my memoir is a testament of manifesting my heart felt desire.

My second book, The Namaste Way will be published in Fall of 2022.

My hope is that my books inspire the readers in believing in the incredible power of transformation and manifestation!!