Let Silence be your Heart GPS in 2019

Are you ready to manifest your dreams in 2019?

This is not a New Year’s Resolutions workshop!!

Why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work?

But first I ask a couple of questions before I answer:

1- What is your operating system?

2- What are your limiting beliefs?

Your operating system is your Subconscious Mind.

95% of what you do and what you attract is being controlled by your subconscious mind.

If this 95% of your operating system is programmed with the negative events of your life and your limiting beliefs then, do you think your New Year’s Resolutions would work?

Just because you write your New Year’s resolutions on your vision board, or you put it on your fridge so you can see it every day; it doesn’t mean that it would work.

First you need to reprogram your operating system-Your Subconscious Mind, then you will be able to manifest your heart-felt-desires and dreams. It is only in Silence that you can reprogram your subconscious mind!!

Join Mehrnaz at Let Silence be your Heart GPS in 2019 workshop to Let Go of your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to manifest your Heart-Felt-Desires…Your Dream.

Mehrnaz Massoudi, B.Sc. & certified EFT Practitioner

Our ancient yearnings for deep love and peace are best satisfied by ancient practices of the hands and heart. Using Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, Meditation, and Matrix Reimprinting EFT Mehrnaz gently guides seekers towards new levels of inner tranquility, & the light within.

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January 12

3 – 4:30 PM

Starlit Yoga Studio

102, 100 Nanaimo Ave E, Penticton, BC

There will be a few chairs for those who can’t sit on the floor.

$35  Early Bird Discount ends on January 10

$50  When you register for 2 people-this discount ends on January 10

$45  Regular

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This workshop is scent free.

No refund is available. However, if you are not able to attend the workshop due to illness or family emergency, then you will get a credit for an upcoming workshop with Mehrnaz Massoudi.