one breath at a time retreat

Loving yourself one breath at a time!

A healing and transformative day retreat with Mehrnaz Massoudi.

An author, speaker, and emotional healing coach, Mehrnaz integrates her background in molecular science and knowledge of the universe with her experience of meditation and her training as an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, helping people to find new levels of self-love, courage, and inner tranquility. 

Mehrnaz’s work as an emotional healing coach is the base for her self-help short stories in her most recent book She’s Still Here:

“In this collection of nine short stories, Mehrnaz Massoudi tenderly explores the many layers of grief and rage mothers, daughters, and women around the world face throughout their lifetimes, and the healing that can be found in the most sacred of places—within ourselves.

She’s Still Here is an evocative, touching portrayal of the human experience, and its resilience in the face of profound suffering, betrayal, regret, and loss. But it is also a beautifully rendered expression of love in all of its forms, but especially the love we should give ourselves.”



Mehrnaz shares the belief and wisdom of ‘loving oneself’. Participants will be guided through breath work and contemplation to feel centred, and identify what they need to release to let love in.


Those who join us at the Hooded Merganser restaurant will practice being in the present moment as they eat and chat. This supports learning how to disconnect from the stress of work and home life while enjoying their meals and the company of others by being in the now.


Q&A with Mehrnaz followed by group heart-to-heart chat and soul-to-soul connection, a practice of sharing authentically and hearing others empathetically.

Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

Coffee, tea, and water provided.

Lunch —12:30 to 2PM — is not provided. Bring your own and stay in the conference room or join others at the Hooded Merganser, which has a booking under Mehrnaz’ name: you can call and add your name to the list at 250-487-4663.

Get your own signed copy of She’s Still Here, $20/book, cash only.

May 5, 2024

10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Penticton Lakeside Resort

Chardonnay room Only 20 spaces available: register early!

Cancellation policy: no refunds, if you have to cancel in case of emergency a credit can be applied for Mehrnaz’s next event.

‘She’s Still Here’ Book Event

I was thrilled to host the launch of my latest book She’s Still Here at Penticton Art Gallery.

… the event was far from a typical book launch. It was an emotional roller coaster. One of those really big ones.


Read the full article here

Penticton author pledges proceeds from book launch to South Okanagan Women in Need Society –

Read the full article here

She’s Still Here — And So Are We

Join us for the official book launch of She’s Still Here

MC’ed by the glamorous Carl Meadows

Thursday, November 23 at 6:30pm

All proceeds from the event and book sales will go toward
the Penticton Art Gallery & South Okanagan Women In Need Society

Special Guests:

Dramatic performance: Mia Harris

Live music: Loving Memory

Vocalist Gary MacDonald, recently returned from France, National Award winner, Juno-nominated guitarist Bill Coon, and Salmon Arm’s Jake McIntyre-Paul on bass.

Get your copies signed by the author
Book sales cash only

Canapés from Brodo will be served | Cash Wine Bar

Love & Authenticity

Author of “Never Without Love” presents

Love & Authenticity

A gathering for women

at the Burrowing Owl Winery

We can’t love authentically without being authentic—love and authenticity coexists!

Inauthenticity does not mean telling outright lies but rather is about not saying or acting on the truths we’ve been conditioned to withhold. Inauthenticity arises from our attachment to being loved and respected.

Often, my clients are not aware that they don’t hear their own truths—to hear and feel what is essential to feel joy, to feel content and to be motivated. Like them, I spent most of my adult life abandoning my authentic-self, abandoning my dreams.

 “Authenticity can heal trauma!”

by Gabor Maté, MD


At the Love & Authenticity gathering you will be guided through breath work and contemplation to grasp how freeing it feels when you connect to your authentic self!

For more than a decade Mehrnaz Massoudi has helped people remove emotional blocks and limiting beliefs to create clarity, to experience contentment and joy and feel motivated to move towards their goals and dreams.

She is the author of Never Without Love. Her forthcoming book, The Namaste Way, will be published in the Fall of 2023.

Mehrnaz studied meditation with Deepak Chopra, Jack Kornfield, and Tara Brach.

This is a small interactive gathering holding space for every attendee to participate in our share and chat.

Date: June 4, 2023

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

At Burrowing Owl Winery

12:30 Lunch at Sonora Room restaurant.

Lunch is not included. If you wish to join us for lunch, please call the Sonora Room restaurant at

(250) 498-0620 and book under my name, Mehrnaz.

I highly recommend you join us for lunch — it’s a great way to connect to the group and chat about your favourite podcasts, books, travel destinations, hiking places, shows, and priceless life learnings!

$125  General entry

$185  General entry after May 14

$250 General entry plus 1 hour private online session with Mehrnaz ($305 value)

Purchase Ticket ⬇️ ⬇️


Lesbian, bisexual, CIS, non-binary and trans women welcome.

Bring a notepad and a pen.

Coffee, tea, and water are provided.


A one-day Retreat for Women

Women step into new territory as the patriarchy crumbles…

Trying to find their voice

Being an advocate for themselves

Navigating a challenging path at work, home, and in society

And have to handle it all without the guidance of iconic female role models!

Join Mehrnaz, Mia and Sanaz March 5 for the Empowerment Retreat Day for Women at Burrowing Owl winery.



Come align with your essence in the vast space of emotional clarity and empower yourself to follow the guidance of your own wisdom … to reach your goals and dreams.”

Mehrnaz Massoudi, Author & Emotional Healing Coach


Through the day Mehrnaz, Mia and Sanaz will guide you to experience alignment, clarity and empowerment.


“Listening to our own voices is the doorway to Empowerment.

Empowerment comes from abundance. But women often give from an empty tank.”

Mia Harris, Transformative Voice Coach


When we start to unlock ourselves, body movement is linear. But in the process of embracing empowerment, it becomes fluid. That fluidity is powerful!

Sanaz Busink, Yoga and Meditation Teacher


For more than a decade Mehrnaz Massoudi has helped people remove emotional blocks and limiting beliefs to create the clarity to experience authenticity and empowerment.

Mehrnaz studied meditation with Deepak Chopra, Jack Kornfield, and Tara Brach.


Lesbian, bisexual, CIS, non-binary and trans women welcome! 


March 5

10 AM – 4 PM

At Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

Lunch at Sonora Room Restaurant included

$475               Early bird

$520               after February 24     


Wear comfortable clothing for body movement sessions with Sanaz.

Coffee, Tea, and water are provided.